About us

Our competitive advantages

Our experience in digital signal processing, our intellectual property in speech signal analysis and synthesis, and our research in compensation for hearing loss.

Our flexibility

The software that ensures multi-user operation mode, quick enabling/disabling voice processing modes, combining the modes depending on the employee's tasks and preferences, and access to easily adjustable settings.

Science and R&D

We have the strong scientific and R&D team with 3 Ph. Ds, 2 Msc's. Our methods are protected with 5 patents. Our team members present models, algorithms and decisions at prestigious international conferences and in journals.

Media and Public Activities

Our team is open for our customers, users and fans. We are happy to present our solutions and communicate face-to-face and in social media.

The main exhibitions and conferences:

  • Las Vegas 2015
  • Call center guru, Moscow 2015
  • Call center World 2016, Berlin and Moscow
  • Bar and relax 2016, Guanjhou