Sound Amplifier: music booster

Sound Amplifier: music booster

Enhance Your Hearing with Audio Amplifier!

Don't miss out on a single sound – open the door to a world of amplified audio!

Key Features:

  • Louder Volume Boost
    • Boost audio up to 10 times for everyday situations
    • Select from various sound amplification presets
  • Music Enhancement
    • Elevate your music experience in your favorite Music apps
    • Immerse yourself in your favorite tunes with superior sound quality
  • Personalized Hearing Profiles
    • Customize your hearing experience with preset options for everyday needs
    • Conduct a built-in hearing test to fine-tune sound to your unique hearing profile
  • Hearing Assessment Choices
    • Assess your hearing accuracy with headphones for precise results
    • Conveniently use your iPhone's speaker for a quick evaluation
  • Listen Live and Record
    • Record looped audio discreetly to revisit what you've heard
    • Review real-time transcriptions to ensure you never miss a word

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