PETRALEX Hearing Aid

PETRALEX® Hearing Aid

The family of applications and audio drivers for people with hearing losses. The Apps posess act as software hearing aid and other sound reproducing systems, running on different mobile and PC platforms: Windows, iOS, Android.

The PETRALEX® Hearing Aid is a free App for people with hearing losses. We are happy to help people to integrate into digital world. Our charity foundation supports such activities.

Common project with the Specialist CCT - lifelong learning for hard of hearing people - won the prestigious LERN award in year 2015.



Thousands of radio stations in your phone — now with PETRALEX® sound processing. Enjoy your favorite music and broadcasts with individually processed hi-quality sound!



First in the world music player that tunes itself to your hearing! Enjoy your music collection and podcasts with new personalized quality!

PETRALEX for Windows

PETRALEX® for Windows

If you like to chat, work and do a lot more on your PC, then Petralex for Windows desktop is the most powerful version for you.