Petralex Caller

Petralex Caller

“PETRALEX CALLER” application: telephony for people with hearing loss, communication for noisy places, secure chat and telephony.

Use the power of your smartphone and the latest technology for comfortable communication. We recommend using a headset!


  • ► personalization of hearing - built-in testing and automatic adjustment to the characteristics of hearing in two minutes (for each ear separately)
  • ► speech intelligibility in any environment due to adaptation to different types of environments
  • ► amplification of quiet sounds while maintaining the overall volume level during a call (dynamic compression)
  • ► the ability to remove parasitic noises
  • ► save recording with enhanced sound
  • ► Speech recognition in text for people with severe hearing damage
  • ► communication security due to the features of the application architecture
  • ► the ability to use with any headset (support for Bluetooth headsets and Air Pods)
  • ► sending text messages

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