Improvement of audio perception

Scientific platform: our team developed a unique method of acoustic correction according to a user's individual hearing characteristics, and device (computer, smartphone, etc.) technical characteristics. The method provides natural sound. Another implementation of the method can provide so-called "antistress" effect, which corrects emotional coloring speech message by changing the timbre of voice.

The "Natural hearing" formula levels distortions brought in by sound reproduction systems. An amplification formula is used here: it functions in accordance with natural hearing curve and is intended for people without any hearing pathologies whose hearing, however, is subject to stress because of their professional activity. Broadband signal processing (without sub-band decomposition) provides the highest quality of voice communication and high intelligibility by keeping sibilants in the speech. A formula of natural hearing curve amplification is applied; it uses the data of user’s hearing test by 9 bands per each ear.

The "Denoise" technology based on decreasing mask effect by frequency-dependent amplification of a useful signal. Simultaneously the algorithm takes into consideration individual hearing thresholds, frequency characteristics of a certain device, and incoming sound level. The spectral estimation of the the power spectral density of the ambient noise produced by the external microphone. To customize using the built audiometry implemented.

The Petralex technology protects user's hearing because it provides only selective amplification of only those signal components which are masked by noise, allowing a user to achieve high intelligibility with a relatively small increase in the overall volume. The second important effect is adapting the incoming audio signal to person's individual hearing profile, and selective amplification of frequencies which a worse heard by a certain user in a certain noisy environment.

Real time cancellation of tone (DTFM) signals, which are hazardous for hearing.

We implemented these techniques in the most part of our solutions

  • Implementing the "Natural" formula in music players, teleconferencing systems improves the perception level, because due to preliminary "in situ" hearing test the application adapts sound to individual hearing characteristics.
  • Implementing the "Natural" formula together with the "Petralex" and "Denoise" for call center agents enhances their effectiveness and protects hearing (
  • The specified combination is implemented also for music fans App ( for simultaneous improvement of audio quality, hearing protection, and safety purposes.

The phonation mode change "Antistress" is useful for agents, while communications with aggressive and extra-emotional clients. This effect decreases perception of a client's emotional level, and creates "antistress" protection for an agent.