Hearing improvement technologies

Basic methods and techniques developed and implemented for hearing improvement:

  • Low algorithmic delay of signal processing (<6ms);
  • in situ audiometry;
  • binaural frequency-dependent amplification according to gain perception formulas: NAL, Berger, POGO;
  • recruitment correction;
  • suppression of acoustic feedback effects.

We developed the effective computing methods, providing low demands on product performance and power consumption.

We implemented the described technologies in a number of applications and separate modules:

  • a programming module (smartphone Apps and Windows/Linux driver) for nonlinear multi-channel hearing aid with built-in (in situ) audiometry for people with hearing impairs (PETRALEX)
  • agents, working in aggressive noise environment (PETRALEX Speech Communication, Confrenence Denoiser)
  • ...and also for music fans (UrbanDenoiser Player)
  • mobile phone device for for elderly people with hearing correction target incoming audio